Pedigree/Stamboom puppies Belle and Crush

LuxJCH. Sunday Mornings Crush on You

Ch. Sunday Mornings Vertigo

Ch. Zanamop Joel

Ch.Potterdale Just William

Torwynd Image

LuxJCh.Sunday Mornings Temptation


Ch.Shilstone Choir Boy

Ch. Sunday Mornings Nina Ricci


Firstprizebears Very Sunday

Firstprizebears Emerson

Ch.Shilstone Choir Boy

Ch.Shilstone Secret

Ch. Firstprizebears Hillary Clinton

Ch. Pahari L' The Pagan

Ch. Sheepish's Price Bear The First

Telling Tails Tinker Bell's Tale

Ch. Malandex Xactly Right For Kemelstowe (JW)

Ch. Gillaber Drummond (JW)

Ch. Gillaber Tillycorthie

Gillaber Cairnacay


Ch. Malandex Xquisit (JW)

Ch. Otterwish O'Connor

Moonhill's Moving Image

Ch. Telling Tails Told You First

Ch. Bonny and Clyde's Armani Mania

Ch.Papaws Yankee Doodle

Ch. Bonny and Clyde's Kausing Kommotion

Ch. Lovely Miracle Kayley of Magic Mika

Ch. Beardie Connections Connor

Ch. Happy Bavarian Magic Mika's Special Lady