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Since 2001 we are the proud owners of a Bearded Collie. We've had other kinds of breeds before, but never this breed.

We have chosen the Bearded Collie because of the friendly character, cheerfullness and their exquisite wonderful looks!

"No-Nonsense's Allpurpose" (Lindsey) is our first beardie and once infected by the beardievirus, it's is simply impossible to just have one beardie.

Therefore in 2005 a new and lovely bitch came to live with us "Lovely Miracle Kayley of Magic Mika" (Kayley).

Our beardiegirls were both very active in show and sports. Last year, Kayley finished her showcareer at the age of almost 11 as Multi Champion: Dutch Champion, Dutch Junior Champion, Belgian Champion, German VDH and Club Champion, International Champion, Belgian Clubwinner '06, Belgian Junior Winner '06, Benelux Veteran Winner NL, Benelux Winner NL '15, Fruhjahrveteranensiegerin '15 and Dutch Veteran Champion.

On 08-08-08 our first Telling Tail was born: "Telling Tails Told You First" (Disney)

She's a beautiful daughter of our Kayley and she has stolen our hearts!!

She has proved to be very successfull at show, she is now a Dutch Champion, Dutch Junior Champion, Dutch Champion, Rheinlandsieger, German VDH and Club Champion!

She is also very active at agility, just like her mum and Lindsey! She now participates in veteranclass.

On 16-01-2012 our youngest beardie, Molly was born: "Telling Tails Million Dollar Baby". Molly is not very fond of shows, but she has proven to be very successfull at the few shows she attended. Molly is more of a working girl. She loves agility and obedience and has started competing offically since 2016.

On this website you can read all about our Bearded Collies, their experiences, shows, photographs and so much more!

We are a member of the Dutch Bearded Collie Club and therefore we breed under their set regulations.

If you'd like some information about bearded collies, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Marieke van Wouw and Bep van Wouw-van Geest

and beardie-hugs from Disney, Kayley, Lindsey and Molly!!





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