7 weeks old

(The bears below indicate the weeks in age)

08 - 09 - 2015

The puppies are 7 weeks old and discovered a lot of new things this week. The vet came to our house to check the puppies health and to give them their first vaccinations. they have also been walking on a leash outdoor for the first time. They are getting used to cars, bicycles, trucks, etc. Unfortunately it has been raining a lot this week and it was also very cold for this time of the year, so the puppies haven't been in the garden that much. We offer them enough challenges indoor so that's not a problem. The final week has arrived and it will be so quiet around the house after most of the puppies have left to their new owners next weekend. The sounds of the puppies playing, the cuddles, oh how we will miss them. But now we still have a couple of days to enjoy this lovely bunch of rascals so no time to be sad just now.

Puppie 1, "Telling Tails Money Talks" black girl, weight 4110gr. Nickname "Donna"

Puppie 2, "Telling Tails Silver Dollar" blue boy, weight 4230gr. Nickname "Guus"

Puppie 3, "Telling Tails Golden Nugget" fawn boy, weight 4080gr. Nickname "Ledger"

Puppie 4, "Telling Tails Lucky Penny" black girl, weight 4300gr. Nickname "Matsi"

Puppie 5, "Telling Tails Million Bucks" black boy, weight 3770gr. Nickname "Bo"

A few more pictures of last week:

The vet Menno from Animalsclinic Driemere came to our house to check the puppies and give them their first vaccinations.

Play a little more after all these impressions...

And then they are all fast asleep again

Later that day they were feeling like playing again


They have a healthy appetite

Walking on the leash

And offcourse a few more video's


















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