6 weeks old

(The bears below indicate the weeks in age)


01 - 09 - 2015

The puppies are 6 weeks and into some new challenges. They have been microchipped and their DNA sample was taken, they didn't make any sound, brave puppies. They transferred from the soft meat to kibble but mummy Molly still gives the most tasty food in the world, milk. However, her milkproduction has been reduced so the puppies will have to do with the kibble. Cleaning the puppypen during the day is becoming a challenge too. It's so much fun playing with toes, socks and pants we are wearing. They have so much fun making the cleaning difficult for us, we cannot do anything but laugh! The swing in the garden is becoming easier for them and they love to fight and bark to protect the best spot around it and in the tunnel. You can't do anything while they are playing, you just HAVE to watch them and laugh because of these little clowns. We have mady many photo's and a few video's this week, enjoy!

Puppie 1, "Telling Tails Money Talks" black girl, weight 3510gr. Nickname "Donna"

Puppie 2, "Telling Tails Silver Dollar" blue boy, weight 3530gr. Nickname "Guus"

Puppie 3, "Telling Tails Golden Nugget" fawn boy, weight 3440gr. Nickname "Ledger"

Puppie 4, "Telling Tails Lucky Penny" black girl, weight 3650gr. Nickname "Matsi"

Puppie 5, "Telling Tails Million Bucks" black boy, weight 3160gr. Nickname "Bo"

A bunch of photo's from the previous week:

Donna falls asleep while her head is placed on top of the waterbowl. Her favorite position ;-)

Hmm maybe somebody wants to play with me?

Ledger dreaming about....

Their first meal of kibble mmmm

And a little more playtime



Ledger and Matsi

Bo and Guus

Drinking water

Is more fun when doing it together

Bo dreaming with his bear

Cute Ledger

Mummy wants to play with the tunnel too ;-)

Getting used to the collars...much scratching!

The teeth are used for just about everything

Hey don't gossip about us!

Bo on the swing

Do you want to play with me says Guus?

It's also fun to lay underneath the swing

Donna is playing with the octopus

Matsi tries out the swing too

Guus also likes the octopus


Ledger also likes to climb on top of the swing for a great photo

Let me see, who wants to play with me?

Ledger and Matsi

Guus is having a nap

Donna and Bo

Ledger and Matsi

Bo, Donna and Guus




Guus and sister Matsi




And a few video's














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