5 weeks old

(The bears below indicate the weeks in age)

24 - 08 - 2015

We are in the 5th week already and the puppies are more work each day. They are discovering the world and are superactive. They sleep less, eat more and know how to use their voices sometimes ;-) But they are so much fun to watch them play! Getting used to the outdoor noices in the garden went rally well, they were not much impressed. They just love the tunnel but find the swing a bit difficult so we help them. We have created an adventurebox with a lot of things attached that make a lot of noise. This helps socializing the puppies. At the bottom of this page we have placed two movies of the puppies first experience with the adventurebox. They weren't afraid at all! So much fun to watch!

Puppie 1, "Telling Tails Money Talks" black girl, weight 2840gr.

Puppie 2, "Telling Tails Silver Dollar" blue boy, weight 2890gr. Nickname Guus

Puppie 3, "Telling Tails Golden Nugget" fawn boy, weight 2900gr. Nickname "Ledger"

Puppie 4, "Telling Tails Lucky Penny" black girl, weight 2960gr. Nickname Matsi

Puppie 5, "Telling Tails Million Bucks" black boy, weight 2730gr.

A few more photo's of last week:

The puppies like the balanceboard.

They just climb on top, daredevil "Money Talks"

Money Talks likes to lay on the warm stones



Money Talks


Bucks is being a little rascal again, the newspapers are flying around the puppiepen ;-)

Money Talks

And still keeping an eye on everything

Sweet Guus


And a few more nice pictures we received from Matsi's owners:

Molly's favorite spot in the puppiepen ;-)

Cuddling with my human mummy is also great ;-)

And a few video's of the adventurebox ad of the first time outdoor.














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