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18 - 07- 2014

Molly's first litter was born during the night of 18 July 2015. Within a short period of time, Molly delivered all beautiful puppies, we are so proud! It's always exhausting to have the delivery at night but apparently our girls just prefer it. The puppies are doing great, have gained weight and appear to be content puppies. Mummy Molly is taking good care of them and is very protective of them. Disney, Kayley and Lindsey come to see the puppies regularly and that's fine with Molly, as long as she's there to make sure everything is ok. Going for walks is ok, but not to long, Molly wants to go back to them promptly. And what a surprise the colors in the litter. We weren't sure if Molly inherited the genes from her mum or dad regarding deluted colors, her dad doesn't so we had to wait and see. We have never had any fawn puppies, so it's just special to have one. we have made some pictures of the puppies. Some of them are looking for the right owner. If you are interesed in a lovely puppie from this litter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Puppie 1, black girl born at 1:20, weight 360gr.

Puppie 2, blue boy born at 01:34, weight 340gr.

Puppie 3, fawn boy born at 01:50, weight 330gr.

Puppie 4, black girl born at 02:31, weight 350gr.

Puppie 5, black boy born at 03:20, weight 330gr.

Some more pictures of the puppies.









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