8 weeks old

(The bears below indicate the weeks in age)

15 - 09 - 2014

The puppies are 8 weeks old and have all found new homes. We feel fortunate about the great families we found for the little sweethearts!! A few of the puppies have already left and we still have 2 left because of holidays etc. of the new owners. The puppies have been out socializing a lot the last weeks they were here and we continue to do so till they have left our home. They love to walk on leash on the pavement and hardly react to the traffic that passes them. the puppies have visited several shoppingcenters and they have been to the marketplace too. And this weekend we went to the gardencenter and to a farm with a lot of small animals. We are lucky with having such good weather at the moment so the puppies spend a lot of time in our garden where they can hear lot's of outdoor noises. We have already received lovely messages from the owners who already have picked up their puppies. The puppies are doing great and we are so happy to hear that! Time has really flown and the puppies are ready to explore the world with their new owners. We wish the new owners lot's of luck and happiness with their newest addition to their family and we hope we will get lot's of nice messages about their adventures in future! Sweet puppies...we will allways have a special place for you in our hearts, we loved you from day one you were born here in our home and you have developed into such lovely puppies. Gorgeous pups with amazing, outgoing and playfull and cuddly characters. Mummy Disney and daddy Rodney and each of us here are so proud of you. We hope you will be happy and loved throughout your life and will grow old as healthy dogs. We will come and visit you and hope to welcome you on any of our walks in future. Big hug from all of us!!

Puppie 1, "Telling Tails Something Special" black girl, weight 4980gr. Nickname: Bijou

Puppie 2, "Telling Tails Simply Special" black girl, weight 5280gr. Nickname: Charlie

Puppie 3, "Telling Tails Extra Special" black boy, weight 5080gr. Nickname: Beau

Puppie 4, "Telling Tails Quite Special" black boy, weight 5110gr. Nickname: Robin

Puppie 5, "Telling Tails Very Special" black girl, weight 4520gr. Nickname: Pip

Puppie 6, "Telling Tails Really Special" black girl, weight 4740gr. Nickname: Effie

We thought Molly couldn't fit in the tunnel... ;-)

And a video of Molly with the puppies



We went to the shoppingcenter with the puppies. Erna and Ron were so kind to give us a hand, 6 puppies at the time is quite a challenge ;-)

We made a video off course.



To the marketplace

And we have given them some snifflework to do. They perfectly understood how this game works ;-)


And lot's of visitors. Lola is totally happy with her new best little friend Charlie

David and his mum Roos also like her a lot

The final moments together in the puppiepen...







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