6 weeks old

(The bears below indicate the weeks in age)


26 - 08 - 2014

The puppies are 6 weeks old. You can tell that they need more challenges now which they will get this week! This afternoon they will visit the vet's office for vaccinations, which means they will be going for a ride in the car for the first time! This Friday there is someone coming from the Dutch Kennelclub to microchip the puppies and to take a DNA swab from each puppie. This way the puppies will officially be connected to their pedigreename. And we have planned a great trip for the puppies this Saturday, more about that next week, but we can promise that it will be so much fun!! The puppies will also be de-wormed this week. And they will have lot's of young and older visitors this week too! Later this week the puppies will go outside on a leash for the first time if the weather is on our side. There is one lovely girl available, Simply Special. She's a very promising little girl who may also be good for show but the most important thing for us is that she will find a loving home. If you are interested in this sweet girl, please contact us.

Puppie 1, "Telling Tails Something Special" black girl, weight 3540gr. Nickname: Bhlue Belle

Puppie 2, "Telling Tails Simply Special" black girl, weight 3760gr. (available)

Puppie 3, "Telling Tails Extra Special" black boy, weight 3690gr. Nickname: Beau Oliver

Puppie 4, "Telling Tails Quite Special" black boy, weight 3570gr. Nickname: Robin

Puppie 5, "Telling Tails Very Special" black girl, weight 3180gr. Nickname: Philipine Pip

Puppie 6, "Telling Tails Really Special" black girl, weight 3250gr. Nickname: Effie

And offcourse some new video's of this past week







And a whole bunch of new photo's!

Elisah and Norina visiting with their girlfriends

Vivienne with her parents Matty and Jan

Helemaal verliefd ;-)

As if it's 1,5 years ago that they came to get Minnie, half sister of this litter.

Too bad Vivienne, you can cuddle them but not take them home this time ;-)

After the visit the puppies are really tired

And a few days later Arianne and Pieter came to visit

They have chosen number 4, Robin

The love is mutual ;-)

Playing outside in the garden

Oma Kayley vind het geweldig!

Hello you!!

Puppie 3 is getting tired and is watching the rest play...

Molly does not realise that she doesn't fit in the tunnel anymore ;-)

It's fun playing with the puppies!!

Come on and play!!

The Drenthe family also knows which puppie will be theirs, the nickname is yet unknown but their are thinking hard about it...we patiently wait.

So cute together!








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