8 weeks old


13 - 03- 2012

The puppies were 8 weeks old yesterday. We went to primary school with each puppie which was really nice!! The puppies liked the children and the children loved the puppies! Some of them have already left to their new owners. Saying goodbye is not easy but we are glad to have found such good homes for a lot of them. There are still 2 lovely puppies looking for a loving home. Allthough the puppies will be socialized during the time they remain with us, it is clear that they are ready to explore the world with a loving family who have solely attention to that puppie. Telling Tails Priceless (girl) and Telling Tails Can't Buy Me Love (boy) are available. Please contact us if you are interested in one of these puppies:

Tel.nr. +31 (0) 79 3515224

Mob.nr. +31 (0) 6 44698274


The weekly photo's:

Puppie 1, black girl

Telling Tails Priceless (this little sweetheart is looking for a loving home)

Puppie 2, black boy

Telling Tails Big Spender, nickname "Snoop"

Puppie 3, black boy

Telling Tails Can't Buy Me Love (this cuddly little boy is looking for a loving home)

Puppie 4, brown boy

Telling Tails Big Bucks, nickname "Brownie"

Puppie 5, brown boy

Telling Tails Gold Digger, nickname "Bruce"

Puppie 6, black girl

Telling Tails Million Dollar Baby "will have her nickname soon"

Puppie 7, black girl

Telling Tails Too Expensive, nickname "Nhoa"

Puppie 8, black boy

Telling Tails Give Me Credit, nickname "Charley"

Puppie 9, black boy

Telling Tails One In A Million, nickname "Finley"

The puppies had some visitors over...

Last Sunday we were at the park with the puppies that are still with us...

We went socializing with all the puppies at primaryschool here are some photo's and a video of each puppie

Video of each puppie with the children at primaryschool last Friday

Puppie 1



Puppie 2



Puppie 3



Puppie 4



Puppie 5



Puppie 6



Puppie 7



Puppie 8



Puppie 9













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