6 weeks old


27 - 02- 2012

This last week has flown by and the puppies are now 6 weeks old! They have been in the garden several times to let them get used to the outside noices. There is a lot scheduled for the puppies this week. Today the puppies were micro-chipped and the names are now matched to the specific puppies. We know the nicknames of some puppies already but there are some owners who want to take a bit more time to think of a nice name for their puppie. This Thursday, the puppies will be vaccinated by the vet, so the puppies will be driven by vehicle for the very first time! And this week they will also be dewormed again. And if the weather will be not too cold, they will spend lot's of time in the garden again. So, if you count it all up, they will definitely have a busy week!!

If you are interested in a puppie from this litter, please contact us:

tel.nr. +31 (0) 79 3515224

Mob.nr. +31 (0) 6 44698274


We hereby introduce the puppies with their new names to you:

Puppie 1, black girl, weight 2850gr.

Telling Tails Priceless

Puppie 2, black boy, weight 3080gr.

Telling Tails Big Spender, he will be called "Snoop" by his owners

Puppie 3, black boy, weight 3450gr.

Telling Tails Can't Buy Me Love

Puppie 4, brown boy, weight 3590gr.

Telling Tails Big Bucks

Puppie 5, brown boy, weight 3310gr.

Telling Tails Golddigger

Puppie 6, black girl, weight 3350gr.

Telling Tails Million Dollar Baby

Puppie 7, black girl, weight 3270gr.

Telling Tails Too Expensive, she will be called "Nhoa" by her owners

Puppie 8, black boy, weight 3670gr.

Telling Tails Give Me Credit

Puppie 9, black boy, weight 3280gr.

Telling Tails One In A Million, he will be called "Finley" by his owners

And a few more photo's of the puppies outside this Sunday afternoon...

And some video's of them outside last weekend...




Mmmm food!!!



They get their desert from their mum Kayley...










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