5 weeks old

(The bears below indicate the weeks in age)

03 - 05 - 2016

Time is flying. In 3 weeks the first puppies will leave to their new homes. Till then, I'm sure we will be quite busy with the puppies. They do try to find out who's the boss and together they explore the new outdoor world. They weren't very impressed, but really enjoyed themselves. There are some nice days of weather predicted so they have enough time to get used to outdoor noices this week. Next week they will have the de-worming again and will get used to more noices and try on collars. There are 2 puppies available, a boy and girl for sweet and active owners. Please contact us if you are interested. Enjoy the photo's and video's of this week!

Puppie 1, black girl, weight 2250gr.

Puppie 2, black boy, weight 2820gr.

Puppie 3, brown boy, weight 2370gr.

Puppie 4, black boy, weight 2960gr.

Puppie 5, black girl, weight 2510gr.

The sisters together at the photoshoot:

Taking pictures makes me tired ;-)

The brothers were also photographed

Real models

Tried to make the pictures with all brothers and sisters together but we were shorthanded unfortunately. But we did make a lot other pictures this week:

Playing after a good sleep (nr 5)

Ron and Erna also came to visit us. So tempting these cute puppies.

Gaby came to visit us again with her daughters Norina and Elisah.

Mummy!! Could you please bring some milk?? (nr 1)

Aren't I sitting perfectly? (nr 4)

Hey there she comes! (nr 1 and 2)

Nr 2

Mummy's milk is less available and therefore we give them fresh meat.

Balance your head ;-)

Nr 3

Nr 4

Rianne came to visit us all the way from the UK. She and Mal breed beardies for many years under the name Malandex. Belle's dad (the puppies grandfather) is Ch.Malandex Xactly Right for Kemelstowe. A gorgeous dog from fantastic breedinglines. Rianne really liked the puppies and saw Malandex blood in them ;-). According to her we can be really proud, which we already were, but are happy to hear it from someone else aswell.

We were so spoiled Rianne, thanx again! XXX

Nr 5

Relaxing (nr 1)

Hanging around on the balanceboard nr 5

Bommel (nr 3) loves to play again

Mummy's milk is the best there is!

First time outdoor...hardly impressed at all. They almost imediately went out on adventure.

A taste of tunnel...maybe it's eatible ;-)

That's a good view from up there!

Aunty Molly also wanted to cuddle with the puppies.

A few video's of the first time outdoor in the garden, whilst eating and 1 video from the previous week, you can see how much they have grown.


Because girl nr.1 is a slower eater if we compare her to the rest of the litter and she's easily distracted, we give her her meal seperately. We do want to be certain she get's enough food to grow.



In the garden for the first time, how exciting and fun!
















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