5 weeks old


20 - 02- 2012

The puppies are 5 weeks old. They have been dewormed again last week and have eaten fresh meat now too, which they absolutely love! We have placed a little tunnel in the puppiepen so they can play with it. Without any hesitation they went right through it, so great to watch!! Disney plays a lot with the puppies. They climb on top of her and pull her hair and she let's them and cuddles them too! It's so cute just watching them play together!! Last week we updated the puppiepage week 4 with some sweet movies of the puppies playing with her. We will try to make some new ones this week. We hope to have some better weather (dry, not cold) so that the puppies can go outside for the first time. Off course we will wait with the walk on a leash outside till they have been vaccinated at 6 weeks of age. The puppies continue to grow well and we get to see more and more of their beautiful characters, we love them so!! There are a few puppies available. Please contact us for more information.

We have made the weekly photo's again, which everyone is so excited for each time. It was a bit more difficult to come up with a new idea, but actually all the additions to the photograph are not necessary, the puppies really make the picture complete by posing so cute!! We were not able to choose between the photo's so we have placed some extra, have fun ;-) :

Puppie 1, black girl, weight 2160gr.

Puppie 2, black boy, weight 2170gr.

Puppie 3, black boy, weight 2520gr.

Puppie 4, brown boy, weight 2540gr.

Puppie 5, brown boy, weight 2410gr.

Puppie 6, black girl, weight 2380gr.

Puppie 7, black girl, weight 2390gr.

Puppie 8, black boy, weight 2720gr.

Puppie 9, black boy, weight 2350gr.

Last week we have made some pictures inside the puppiepen while the puppies were playing. They have grown quite a bit since...you can tell by looking at the weekphoto's now ;-)

They are climbing in top of Disney who really loves to play with them.

Part 2 of this week

We have made some new photo's and video's this week. The puppies are doing well, growing and exploring the world!

Another movie, but this time from the puppies eating fresh meat


A few puppies are asleep, but some of them are still playing just before bedtime


The very first time outside, how exciting!!

Some other photo's of the puppies

Disney playing with the puppies again

And a new video of Disney and the puppies










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