4 weeks old


13 - 02- 2012

A week has passed again, how time flies!! The puppies are now 4 weeks old and have more room to play in the puppiepen. This week we have started to give them poridge which they absolutely love! Some of them just jump into the feedingbowl with their front legs and are totally covered with poridge!! We use a towel to clean them up and afterwards they are clean and pretty again ;-)

The pedigree names are known right now. The litters theme:

"Money can buy a dog, but only love will wag it's tail!"

For the boys:

Telling Tails Give Me Credit

Telling Tails Big Spender

Telling Tails Big Bucks

Telling Tails Can't Buy Me Love

Telling Tails One In A Million

Telling Tails Gold Digger

For the girls:

Telling Tails Priceless

Telling Tails Million Dollar Baby

Telling Tails Too Expensive

There are some puppies available. Please contact us for information.

This weeks theme for the weekly photo's wasn't so hard to find. Due to the fact that it will be Valentine's Day on Tuesday we figured this would be a great theme for this week! Who could resist this sweet little puppies to be their Valentine....?

Puppie 1, black girl, weight 1560gr.

Puppie 2, black boy, weight 1600gr.

Puppie 3, black boy, weight 1880gr.

Puppie 4, brown boy, weight 1760gr.

Puppie 5, brown boy, weight 1700gr.

Puppie 6, black girl, weight 1730gr.

Puppie 7, black girl, weight 1790gr.

Puppie 8, black boy, weight 1840gr.

Puppie 9, black boy, weight 1530gr.

It's cuddletime!! How can anyone resist these sweethearts??!!!




Disney is playing with her little halfbrothers and sisters












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