3 weeks old

(The bears below indicate the weeks in age)

19 - 04 - 2016

The puppies are now 3 weeks old. Together they play a lot and also with us. They love to say hi and their tails wag a lot too. They also love to kiss. This week we will place the pen so that they will have more room to play and explore. We finished the biosensorprogram. We hope the puppies will benefit from this program during their development. We have 2 puppies available, a black boy and black girl. If you are interested in a puppie, please contact us.

Puppie 1, black girl, weight 1350gr.

Puppie 2, black boy, weight 1610gr.

Puppie 3, brown boy, weight 1420gr.

Puppie 4, black boy, weight 1720gr.

Puppie 5, black girl, weight 1530gr.

Greatgrandma Kayley also wanted to pose ;-)

And lot's of video's:







And offcourse some more pictures

The twins ;-)

Nr 4


They already like to play with us

nr 1

nr 2

The milkbar has opened :-)

Puppie 3, a gorgeous boy

Look at those eyes!














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