3 weeks old


06 - 02- 2012

Today, the puppies are 3 weeks old. They have made huge steps in their development. They walk so much better, the eyes and ears have opened and they are starting to play with eachother and with toys, a beautiful sight! They have also been dewormed for the first time. The puppies really hate the taste of it, but it is necessary. There are a few puppies available. Please contact us for more information.

Because it's really winter in The Netherlands, freezing and snow, the theme of this week wasn't hard to choose:

Puppie 1, black girl, weight 1200gr.

Puppie 2, black boy, weight 1210gr.

Puppie 3, black boy, weight 1430gr.

Puppie 4, brown boy, weight 1330gr.

Puppie 5, brown boy, weight 1210gr.

Puppie 6, black girl, weight 1370gr.

Puppie 7, black girl, weight 1370gr.

Puppie 8, black boy, weight 1380gr.

Puppie 9, black boy, weight 1100gr.

The little brothers together....

It isn't easy making photographs of 6 little guys....

The sisters together....

That's a lot easier, just 3 girls....

And we also made a little movie of the puppies playing and walking around in the litterbox:











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