1 week old


23 - 01- 2012

Today, the puppies are 1 week old. The week flew by and the puppies have grown quite a bit already. They know how to find the nipples of mummy better and better. Sometimes Kayley does not sleep in the litterbox anymore. While mummy is absent, the puppies curl up to each other. They are making little sounds and move around better now. There are a few puppies available, if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

And here are the new photographs of the puppies 1 week old:

Puppie 1, black girl, weight 690gr.

Puppie 2, black boy, weight 610gr.

Puppie 3, black boy, weight 710gr.

Puppie 4, brown boy, weight 610gr.

Puppie 5, brown boy, weight 670gr.

Puppie 6, black girl, weight 670gr.

Puppie 7, black girl, weight 700gr.

Puppie 8, black boy, weight 670gr.

Puppie 9, black boy, weight 600gr.

Two sweet little brothers

Here are a few pictures of the puppies this last week till they were 1 week old:

We had the first little visitors for the puppies. Disney is also checking them out...

The visitors are coming for me too right??!! Kayley is having a big cuddle.

Alexis and Karin also visited the puppies and brought such nice and delicious presents!! Thanx again!!










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