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28 - 03- 2016

Well, what a surprise. Just a few days ago we wrote about Belle's final week of pregnancy. Little did we know that the day after she started to deliver the puppies. On 24 March 2 black boys, 1 brown boy and 2 black girls were born. Even though she was a bit early, the puppies are perfect and complete. And mummy Belle even had enough time to finish the paintings ;-) We are so proud of her delivering these wonders of the world, she did great! The puppies are strong, healthy and have all gained weight. The next couple of week we will keep you posted about the development of the puppies. If you are interested in a puppie, we still have a black boy and black girl available. Please contact us for more information.

Puppie 1, black girl at 15:46, weight 230gr.

Puppie 2, black boy born at 16:21, weight 310gr.

Puppie 3, brown boy born at 17:00, weight 270gr.

Puppie 4, black boy born at 20:48, weight 310gr.

Puppie 5, black girl born at 23:49, weight 300gr.

Some more pictures of Belle and her puppies.

Mummy Belle brushed a few days after birth. Doesn't she look great?!










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