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The puppies of Belle and Crush are born. Check our puppiepage for more information. We have puppies available. If you are interested in a puppie, please contact us. Our next litter is not sooner planned than 2017.


Telling Tails Tinker Belle's Tale HD-A and ED-free


Sunday Mornings Crush on You HD-A and ED-free

Pedigree puppies

Sunday Mornings Crush on You
Ch.Sunday Mornings Vertigo Ch.Zanamop Joel
Ch.Sunday Mornings Temptation
Firstprizebears Very Sunday Firstprizebears Emerson
Ch.Firstprizebears Hillary Clinton
Telling Tails Tinker Bell's Tale
Ch.Malandex Xactly Right for Kemelstowe Ch.Gillaber Drummond
Ch.Malandex Xquisit
Ch.Telling Tails Told You First Ch.Bonny and Clyde's Armani Mania
Ch.Lovely Miracle Kayley of Magic Mika

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Weight and waist of Belle during her pregnancy:



21 - 03 - 2016

The final week has arrived. Just a few more days and the puppies are born. We are so curious about them, can't wait to meet the 3rd generation Telling Tails ;-) The preperations are finished, we are all set for the birth. Belle's tummy was clipped short so that the long hair around the nipples will not cause any problems. Luckily it's only the belly so you can't see it unless she lays on her back. She still enjoys her walks and last week she went to the beach which she enjoys so much! Fingers crossed all will go well.

09 - 03 - 2016

Belle's tummy is growing fast now. She has a very healthy appetite and sleeps a lot. She's a bit slower at the walks, but that's ok, nobody knows better than herself what her limits are right now. But she still loves to cuddle :-)

28 - 02 - 2016

We have such great news to report! Belle is expecting puppies from Crush. We are so thrilled with this news and feel priveliged to have puppies from Disney's daughter Belle. So special. The veterinarian counted a lot of puppies so it's going to be a busy time in a few weeks, we are really looking forward to it. We'll keep our website up to date the next weeks and inform you if we have any news regarding Belle's pregnancy and puppies. Another lovely picture of the proud mummy to be Belle:

13 - 02 - 2016

Belle and Crush have had a romantic date. Now all we can do is wait and see whether this lovely couple is indeed expecting puppies. We will know more in a few weeks. If all goes well the puppies are expected around Eastertime. If you are interested in a puppie of Belle and Crush, please contact us.

16 - 01 - 2016

Belle has come into season this Friday. This Monday she will have a thorough check at the vet's office to make absolutely sure that she's completely healthy. She will have the first test this Thursday to see if she's ready to go on date with Crush. So exciting!

09 - 01 - 2016

Belle has yet to come into season, but it won't take long now. As soon as she's ready she will be having a romantic date with Crush and we can look forward to the beautiful and sweet babies of these two wonderful beardies. Belle and Crush have both been X-rayed, their hips and elbows are both free of any abnormalities. They are both very healthy and have great characters. The proud mummy to be will have her first litter. Belle lives with our friend Gerina but will have her litter at our home where she was born and where she stayed over a couple of times. She fits perfectly in our home and our other girls like her very much. Belle is a beautiful lady who unfortunately hasn't had any showtraining, nevertheless, she has had some beautiful results at the few shows she did attend. Belle is more busy with obedience together with her owner, they enjoy it very much. But she also likes to go for walks and just loves to swim!! Belle is sweet, social, always happy and very gentle. We feel honored that she is allowed to have a litter at the Telling Tails home! Her future partner Crush was found with great care. Health and character are at the top of our demandslist for our bred Telling Tails puppies and therefore we went to find a partner who is a bit older, sweet and healthy and who has already had offspring with wonderful characters and are healthy (free of any genetic problems) too. In style we believe Crush complements Belle's build. We have high expectations for this lovely planned breeding. Crush is 12 years old, an older gentleman, but he is still very healthy and active and able to have offspring. Crush loves to cuddle and kiss and he still likes his walkes very much. He loves attention. Crush has also been active at dogsports (amongst others agility) and has visited some shows aswell.




Belle met haar moeder Disney en 2 volle zussen. Van links naar rechts Yuna, Disney, Belle en Minnie





Crush (left) and his dad Cosmo (right)














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