Photo's of our walks

Winterwalk in the snow December 2012

Kayley roling around in the snow

Happy Disney

Kayley giving us "the look" ;-)

Shall I roll or not??

The youngest running around

Woef woef woef!!! Snow is soooooooo much fun!!!

Beautiful Kay

Molly bolly

Nicely together in the park!!

Lindsey is also happy

What do you want to tell us Lindsey?

Ohwww you wanted to roll in the snow....go ahead then...

Disney and her mum Kayley getting rid of the snow


Going for a walk with Yellow (full blue sister to our Disney) who was staying with us

A nice evening walk in Schiedam August 2012 with Tamara Gonzales and her beardies

Kennelwalk June 2011






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