All of the puppies in Kayley's litter of January this year have found good and loving homes. Kayley's lovely daughter Disney has a litter at the moment. Please check the page Puppies for more information.


In the night of 15th to the 16th of January, Kayley and Joe's puppies were born!! The delivery was not easy at all but the result is a fabulous litter of 9 puppies of which 6 boys (two brown and 4 black), and 3 girls (black).

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All puppies have found a good and loving home:

The owners of Nhoa (TT Too Expensive) have sent us an Easter photo...A real Easter sweetheart!!

We went socializing at the beach of Scheveningen

Molly and Boef playing in the park

The proud parents are:

Multi Ch. Lovely Miracle Kayley of Magic Mika (Kayley)


Malandex Xceedingly Good JW (Joe)


Malandex Xceedingly Good JW
Ch.Ciopar Flash Fisichella Ch.Diotima Sea Wolf at Ramsgrove JW
Arranbrae Just Maybe JW
Ch.Malandex Xquisit JW Ch.Otterswish O'Connor
Moonhill Moving Image
Ch.Lovely Miracle Kayley of Magic Mika
Ch.Beardie Connections Connor Boy the Hill's of Chiara
Ch.Beardie Connections Yoni
Ch.Happy Bavarian Magic Mika's Special Lady Ch.Double Scotch Black Falconer
DJch.Double Scotch Blue Kept for Happy Bavarian



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Weight and waist of Kayley during her pregnancy:



Kayleys Pregnancy Diary

13 - 01- 2012

This might well be the last update during Kayley's pregnancy. Still no puppies....Kayley is calm and relaxed but she does not really want to go outside for a walk (unfortunately she has to). The puppies are moving around a lot in her tummy which is quite tiresome for her. We let her have as much rest as she needs but regularly check her body temperature if it's dropping, which is an indication that the birth is setting in. That hasn't happened yet. We are very excited and figure that Kayley is taking the extra days so that she can give her babies the finishing touch ;-) We hardly can't wait till they are born!!

07 - 01- 2012

It's now 1,5 weeks later and we have spend a nice holiday in the North of The Netherlands with the beardiegirls. As you can see, Kayley really enjoyed herself! You can even see her grown tummy ;-)

We have felt the puppies for the first time at Newyears night, very softly. Now the puppies are easy to be felt and are very active! The final week is setting in and it is getting very exciting! It's a lot tougher for Kayley right now, she snores and does not run fast anymore when we are on a walk with her. Her tummy has grown a lot and it's now easy to tell that she's pregnant! This weekend we are going to place the litterbox so that she can get used to it. We are now starting to prepare for the delivery and wait for those long expected beautiful puppies to come.

25 - 12 - 2011

Kayleys tummy is growing fast! She is a little bit grumpy sometimes so that probably means the puppies are moving around. Unfortunately it is still too early to feel for us. Kayley is taking good care of herself, extra food, and lying on the bed which is normally not really allowed ;-)

12 - 12 - 2011

We have received great news tonight!! Kayley is indeed expecting puppies!! We are really looking forward to the puppies!!

In case you are interested in having a puppie, please contact us for information.

15 - 11 - 2011

On 12 November we went to England for Kayley's romantic date with Joe. Earlier that day we tested Kayleys progesteron value in her blood (day 7 of the season period). By the time we got the result in the afternoon it came back rather high already: 9. When the level get's to 10, it would be a right time to mate. So we didn't have a lot of time left to arrange everything to go to the UK, we did not expect her to be ready this early in her seasoning period! We arrived at the hotel around 12h (11h UK time) and we immediately drove to the breeder of the beardieboy we had choosen. This dog is called Malandex Xceedingly Good (Joe), a young dog, 1,5 years old, still in the process of growing an adult coat. This beautiful beardieboy has recently gained his Junior Warrant and is has been admitted to the English studdogregister. His sister Lula did not only achieve this same Junior Warrant but also wrote history by being the youngest bearded collie ever winning the English Championship! This is really an unbelievable achievement!! She was staying at the breeder aswell as the mother of Joe and Lula, all very sweet, beautiful and healthy. It was the first time for Joe to mate, but he showed he was a perfect gentlemen!! Kayley adored him and at Sunday, we went to a lovely romantic place to shoot some photo's of the happy couple where they showed so much interest to each other that we let them mate again. So after such a romantic weekend we hope that Kayley is indeed pregnant and that she will have lovely, sweet and healthy puppies in January. We are going to cross our fingers and hope to know more in a week or 4. We will regularly updat the puppieplanning page and keep you informed. Here are some lovely photo's of them together:

Thank you Rianne van de Hoef for making several lovely photo's of Joe and Kayley!










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