Litter 2008

On 08-08-2008 our very first litter was born.

Ch.Bonny and Clyde's Armani Mania


Ch.Lovely Miracle Kayley of Magic Mika


7 puppies were born, 2 boys black, 2 girls blue and 3 girls black.

Puppie 1 black girl: Disney "Telling Tails Told You First"

Puppie 2 black girl: Sara "Telling Tails You Can Tell"

Puppie 3 black boy: Marley "Telling Tails Fortune Teller"

Puppie 4 black girl: Kessie "Telling Tails Told You So"

Puppie 5 blue girl: Wolle "Telling Tails Kiss and Tell"

Puppie 6 black boy: Guus "Telling Tails Tells It All"

Puppie 7 blue girl: Yellow "Telling Tails Tells A Story"



Ch.Bonny and Clyde's Armani Mania Ch.Papaw Yankee Doodle Ch.Brigadoons Wizard of Oz
Ch.Daybar Shaken not Stirred
Ch.Bonny and Clyde's Kausing Kommotion Ch.Babbacombe Chequers
Ch.Bonny and Clyde's Diadem Durcy
Ch.Lovely Miracle Kayley of Magic Mika Ch.Beardie Connections Connor Boy the Hill's of Chiara
Ch.Beardie Connections Yoni
Ch.Happy Bavarian Magic Mika's Special Lady Ch.Double Scotch Black Falconer
DJch.Double Scotch Blue Kept for Happy Bavarian

Click here for the pedigree with photographs

Here is a slideshow with some photo's of the puppies from birth till 8 weeks old when they left our home to live with their new families:



We really love to receive messages and photographs from the owners and thank you all for sending them!!


Disney (Telling Tails Told You First)

  Disney stayed with us and has her own page at "Our Beardies" on our website


Sara (Telling Tails You Can Tell)

Sara lives with Gert and Marloes and shares a mutual love with their daughter Elja




Marley (Telling Tails Fortune Teller)

Marley lives with the v.d. Werf family and loves their daughters Esther and Kim. He regularly accompanies them on vacations. At home he loves the attention he gets from the customers that drop by.





Kessie (Telling Tails Told You So)



Kessie is practicing an excersise in obedience at the dogschool together with her owner Jenny

Kessie in action with her owner at her first contest in agility



Wolle (Telling Tails Kiss and Tell)

Wolle is living with the Wulffele family and goes on vacation with them every year. Together they make the most beautiful walks in lovely countries and Wolle really loves that!



Guus (Telling Tails Tells It All)

Guus is living with the v.d.Basch family. Guus is really fond of their son Vincent. Since 2010, Guus has a new (half) brother, named Gijs (TT Cosmic Charm). The 2 brothers love eachother very much!!




Yellow (Telling Tails Tells A Story)

Yellow is living with her owner Diana and Cleo the cat. Our Janey stays with her often and is therefore also a part of this loving family!












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