The puppies are 5 weeks old and love to explore the world. They have been in the garden for the first time which they love. Lot's of new pictures and video's have been placed on the puppiepage week 5. There are 2 beautiful and sweet puppies available, a boy and girl, please contact us for more information if you are interested.

We received news from Ellen regarding her results with Magic (TT Mickey Mouse's Magic) at the agility contest in Schoten (Belgium). Even though it wasn't a clear round, it looked so professional for a dog of 3 years of age. Well done to you both! Magic is a full brother to Belle, mummy of our current litter of puppies.


Erna en me participated with Filney, Disney and Molly at a teamcontest agility at the HSV Waddinxveen. waren Erna en ik dit weekend met Finley, Molly en Disney bij de HSV Waddinxveen voor de estafette teamwedstrijd agility (behendigheid). There were 3 teams from our dogschool, KC de Hofstad 1, KC de Hofstad 2 and KC de Hofstad 3. Molly and Finley participated in team 1 but unfortunately we ended up in final place. Disney participated in team 2 and we became 3rd of all 24 24 teams participating. The 3rd team in which we didn't participate was placed 7th. It weren't easy rounds but nice to do and we had great weather to make the day even more better. We are so proud of these results. Hereby the only clear round of a team at this contest and it was our team 2 who did it!


Some more photo's of our beardies:

Finley in action



All teams together

Our 3rd price team


The puppies are 4 weeks old and the world is so much bigger for them. We have placed a lot of new photos and videos at the puppiepage under bear 4. We have 2 gorgeous puppies available, a black girl and black boy, please contact us for more information if you are interested.

Bruce (TT Outer Space) did well at an agilitycontest in Belgium and managed to have a clear round on the jumping. Contractulations to his owner Mich, a wonderful result!

Molly and Disney participated at their first official contest agility this year at the KC Rotterdam. It was a very cold and wet day and no prices were won but it was a close call for Molly. Just 1 mistake made so very promissing for the future. Unfortunately no photo's or video's this time.


We have new photo's and video's of the puppies week 3. There is a black boy and black girl available.


There are new photo's and video's at the puppiepage week 2. A black boy and black girl are available to loving homes.

Last Sunday 10 April our Kayley (greatgrandma to the puppies) became 11 years old. We hope to have her in our lives for many more years.

Molly and Finley participated at an agilitycontest for the first time. They did great. Finley received a 9th place after a clear round at the jumping and Molly an 8th place after a clear round at the course. Congratulations Erna, you may be so proud of your boy Finley. Big hug to our Molly who we so love.





And Gerina has received a memoryaward from the Dutch Bearded Collie Club for gaining the VZH certificate ( to have a stable and proper trained dog in traffic) with Belle (current mummy of the latest Telling Tail litter. A wonderful price which you can be so proud of! Many congratulations!


It's Lindsey's birthday today. She has reached the respectable age of 15 years. She is healthy and active and we expect to have her in our lives for many more years. Happy Birthday sweet grand lady and little rascal ;-)

The puppiepage is up to date. A black boy and black girl are available. Please contact us for more information.


Well, surprise, surprise, just a few days ago we wrote that we had a week of waiting to go before the puppies were expected. Little did we know, the next day Belle started to drop in temperature which is an indication that the delivery would start within 24 hours. On the 24th of March Belle did a great job giving birth to 2 black boys, 1 brown boy and 2 black girls. The puppies are beautifully marked and are strong, healthy and have gained weight. The puppiepage will soon be updated with Belle's litter. At this moment our previous litter in 2015 is visible. At this moment, more pictures can be seen on Facebook (Marieke van Wouw), later this week, our website will be up to date. There is a black boy and girl available, if you are interested, please contact us.


One more week to go before we can welcome the 3rd generation Telling Tails into this world. Belle is doing great, her belly is still growing and we can feel the puppies moving around. So special!! More information can be found on the puppieplanning page.


Another week has passd and Belle's tummy is really growing. Our puppieplanning page has been updated again.

We received a nice video of Wilbert and Bryce (TT Stardust) in action. They represented the Dutch beardies of The Netherlands at the Cruftsqualificationcontest on the 31st of January. After 2 jumpings they were on the overall 4th place. If they would have had a clear round on the final agility course they'd be qualified. Unfortunately Wilbert made a mistake the second time with the tunnel. Bryce should have taken the left entrance, but his nose entered the right one. Wilbert was very diseappointed, maybe the tention got in their way. We are still very proud of them both!



We have some fantastic news to announce. Belle is expecting puppies! The vet told us that her belly is full of puppies so it's going to be a busy time for us ;-) Now we have to be wait and see. The waiting is difficult, but there's nothing we can do about that. It's all up to Bell right now. We will keep you informed about Belle's pregnancy at our Puppieplanningpage. If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please contact us. Here's another photo of sweet and beautiful Belle, the proud mother to be:

We also received fantastic news from Ruud. He and Blizzy (Telling Tails Moonlight Serenade) competed at an agility contest at HSV de Nevelhorst on the 14th of February and did really well together. 2 clear rounds at the jumping of which 1 was a 1st place aswell! And a 10th and 6th place at the course rounds. Please find below a video of Blizzy and Ruud's clear round with first place. Big congratulations again with this wonderful result.



Belle and Crush have had a romantic date. Now all we can do is wait and see whether this lovely couple is indeed expecting puppies. We will know more in a few weeks. If all goes well the puppies are expected around Eastertime. If you are interested in a puppie of Belle and Crush, please contact us. At the puppieplanningpage you can find more information and photo's of Belle and Crush.

We have received some fantastic pictures of Ellen Peeters and Magic (TT Mickey Mouse's Magic) at an obediencecontest in Belgium. Last week he received 71 from 100 points and the week before 83/100. So nice to see them have so much fun together. Magic is a Disney and Howard son, a full brother of Belle.


Belle has come into season. Now a little more patience before she can go on a date with Crush. We will keep you posted on our puppieplanning page. So exciting!

Today it's Kayley and Joe's litter is 4 years old. Happy birthday Lola, Snoop, Boef, Brownie, Bruce, Nhoa, Charley and Finley, we hope you will have a great day! Big hug from us all. Sister Molly is also 4 years old today, we will be cuddled and receive extra treats today :-)



The puppieplanningpage has been updated. Now we have to wait for Belle to come into season, exciting!!

Good news about Blizzy (TT Moonlight Serenade). She is competing with a beardie team called XIENIX in the wintercompetition agility. Today she did great together with her owner Ruud, clear round at the jumping! Big congratulations to Ruud en Desiree and their wonderful Blizzy!


It's high time for a new update of the website... First of all we want to wish you all a happy newyear!

On the 23rd of December Disney and Howard's litter celebrated their 3rd birthday. Happy birthday to Harley, Baloo, Yuna, Magic, Belle and Minnie! Big hug from us and a special one from your mummy Disney XXX

On the 19th of December we were at the International Dogshow in Cuijk (NL) and all received excellent judgments. Benji (TT Mister Universe) was placed 2nd in openclass. This was Donna (TT Money Talks) first show. She was placed 1st in minor puppy and selected amongst the 6 best minor puppies in show. Yuna (TT Cinderella's Charm) was placed 1st in open class. Kayley was placed 1st in veteranclass and Best Veteran In Breed and is now Dutch Veteran Champion!


Donna in the main ring competing for Best Puppie in Show



On the 1st of November we were at the Dutch Bearded Collie Club Specialty. The Telling Tails did their best again. Beau (TT Extra Special) received a very good report from the judge in a big junior class. This was his first show and he did great together with Karin. Benji (TT Mister Universe) was placed 2nd with an excellent judgement in open class. Belle (TT Tinkerbell's Tale) received a beautiful report from the judge in a big breeders class. Her sister Minnie (TT Minnie Mouse's Music) was shown by Karin and was placed 4th in a big openclass with an excellent judgement. Their other sister Yuna (TT Cinderella's Charm) was placed 1st with an excellent judgement in open class. Disney (Ch. TT Told You First) was placed 4th with an excellent judgement in championclass. Congratulations to all owners and thank you Karin for showing these lovely beardies perfectly!







Disney and her daughters, from left to right Yuna, Disney, Belle and Minnie



Finally, new pictures and video's of the puppies last week are placed on the puppiepage. Ledger will stay a bit longer until he's ready to leave to his new owners in Germany. We are going to miss him!

We have received great news about several Telling Tails beardies.

Kayley's son Bryce (Telling Tails Stardust) was promoted to the highest level of agility in The Netherlands which is a fantastic achievement for a Bearded Collie! We are therefore more than proud of Wilbert and Bryce and wish them lot's of luck and fun next year in the national competitions.

Disney's sister Kessie (Telling Tails Told You So) did a great job in the competions of the dogsport Combisport (agility and obedience) this season with her owner Jenny. She came in 2nd at the Dutch Nationals in the highest level of this sport and managed to become 3rd in competition this year! A wonderful result, because they need to be good at several different sorts of sports. Such an achievement! Congratulations, we are so proud of you!

Disney's son, Magic (Telling Tails Mickey Mouse's Magic) and his owner Ellen managed to achieve another promotion price at the obedience contest in Belgium. They are doing so well together! Congratulations and we wish you lot's of success at the next couple of contests!


The puppies are 7 weeks old, new photo's and video's can be found on the puppiepage under bear number 7. All puppies are spoken for. If all goes well, our next litter is planned for spring 2016. If you are interested, you can contact us and be placed on the list.


We have a lot to report, it's been a busy weekend! This Saturday Kayley and Disney went to the Benelux show in Luxembourg. Both girls did really well and ended up in Veteranclass and Championclass at 2nd place with RCACL. We are really proud of these beautiful girls!

The next day was the Clubday of the Dutch Bearded Collie Club. Blizzy (TT Moonlight Serenade) and her owner Ruud participated in the A-class Agility and ended up 1st. Bryce (TT Stardust) and his owner Wilbert participated in the B-class Agility and ended up 1st and Clubchampion 2015! We are so proud and congratulations again with these lovely results!

Ruud and Blizzy on the left and Wilbert and Bryce on the right

Blizzy and her prices

Wilbert and Bryce together with the Agility judge

From left to right: Bryce - proud mummy Kayley - Blizzy

There was also a judgement this day for young beardies. Robin (TT Quite Special) son of Disney participated and received a lovely judging report from judge Anita van Bussel. I had the privelige to show Robin today and he did really well thanx to the owners Arianne and Pieter and their care for this gorgeous boy.

Report: Dog, 1 year old, great type, masculin well formed head, strong muzzle, beautiful dark eye, good earsetting and full dentition. Great pigment, well developed body, good angulations, satisfiying forechest. Good ribcarrage, suiting bone, tail just long enough, good structure of coat. Sound movement.

From left to right: Robin - Granny Kayley - Mummy Disney

And on this same day, Kessie (TT Told You So) and her owner Jenny participated at the Combisport contest in Ridderkerk and was placed 3rd in C-class! Great achievement, again, many congratiolations Jenny!!

And last but not least new photo's and video's on the puppiepage week 6. Time is going so fast, 1,5 weeks untill the first puppie will move to it's new home. We don't want to think about that yet.


We have updated the pupiepage week 5. The puppies have been in the garden for the first time and had their first experience with the adventurebox, balanceboard and balancepillow. Just great to see them enjoy themselves!



And now the 4 weeks have passed, halfway already. We created more room for the puppies to play and they have had their first meal. We have placed a lot of new pictures and video's at the puppiepage week 4. Check the Puppiepage for more information. Million Bucks and Money Talks are available.


The new pictures of the 3rd week of the puppies have been updated on the website again. The puppies are doing great, how time flies! The black boy "Million Bucks" and the black girls "Money Talks" are still available.

Telling Tails "Money Talks"

Telling Tails "Million Bucks"

This Sunday Disney and I went to the Belgian Bearded Collie Clubmatch. Disney was placed 5th in championclass, so proud of this lovely girl! It was also her birthday on Saturday, she became 7 years old, as did her brothers and sisters. Happy Birthday to Sara, Marley, Kessie, Wolle, Guus and Yellow.


The puppiepage has been updated. New pictures and video's of the puppies 2 weeks old can be found on this page if you click bear number 2. The black boy "Million Bucks" and one o fthe two black girls is still available. If you are interested, please contact us.


We have quite a lot of news to tell you.

On 9 and 10 May we went to the Europasieger and Fruhjahrsieger Show in Dortmund, Germany with Yuna (TT Cinderella's Charm), Kayley (Ch. Lovely Miracle Kayley of Magic Mika) and Molly (TT Million Dollar Baby). Yuna was placed 3Ex in Open Class on both days. Molly was placed 1Ex with double CAC on the first show and 2Ex RCAC on the second show. Kayley was placed second on the first day and first on the second day and became Fruhjahrveteranensiegerin 2015! Big congratulations to Yuna's owner and wonderful handler Anouk Buntinx. We are so proud of you XXX.




We went for a week on holiday to the Ardennes in Belgium with our sweet girls. It was a wonderful week! We will update the holidaypage soon with some lovely photo's we made there.

Belle (TT Tinker Bell's Tale) went to the Clubmatch of the BCVN on 21 June. She was placed 3Ex in Open class. And we received some more great news about htis lovely girl. he has been X-rayed and the results were fantastic HD-A with Norbergvalue 40 and ED-free! We are so happy with this news, big congratulations to Belle's owner Gerina!!

On the 28 June we had planned our Telling Tails Kennelfunday. It was a very active day with a lot of sports and fun things to do for dog and owner. Everybody participated and did their very best and we all had so much fun! We will create a new page soon for our kennelgatherings and will put a summary online. Until then, the pictures can be found via this link:



And our latest news is that our sweet and gorgeous Molly has become a mummy to a lovely litter of puppies with the gorgeous, and sweet Oscar. They are proud parents of 5 beautiful puppies, 3 boys in black, blue and fawn and 2 girls in black. There are a few puppies available. More pictures and video's about the pregnancy and puppies can be found on our puppiepage.


Finally we were able to update our website. Due to circumstances, we weren't able to do so earlier. We have a computer again so we will try to keep the website updated from now on. Even though we were "offline" for several months, we still received news about the Telling Tails offspring. We tried to make a summary, but hope we are not forgetting anybody, otherwise, please let us know!!

On 3 May Mich participated with Bruce (TT Outer Space) at an agility contest in Stevoort (Belgium). They were placed 21st and 26th! Congratulations Mich with these wonderful results with your smart boy!

On 2 May 2015 Jenny participated with Kessie (TT Told You So) and together with her "sisters" Kylie and Ifen a CombisportTeamContest in Nijmegen (NL). Kessie and Jenny were placed 2nd with their team. The other girls also performed well, Kylie's team became 1st! Big congratulations Jenny with these wonderful results with your sweethearts!

On 26 April 2015 Ellen participated with Magic (TT Mickey Mouse's Magic) at an agility contest in Belgium. Out of 180 dogs they came in as 18th at the jumping with a clear round! They really done well together! Congratulations Ellen with this wonderful result!!

On 18 April I participated with Disney (Ch. Telling Tails Told You First) at the agilitycontest in Delft (NL). This was our first contest since 2 years again. Disney did well and was placed 24th in the gamble, and 17th place at the jumping. Really proud of my lovely girl again!

On 12 April 2015 Ruud and Blizzy (TT Moonlight Serenade) participated at the agility contest of KC Kennemerland (NL). This was their very first official competition and they did really well! 20th, 18th place and at the jumping a first price and clear round! Big congratulations with this great result!!

On 7 April it was Lindsey's birthday, she has become 14 years old. It was Kayley's birthday on the 10th of April. She is now 10 years old. Happy birthday sweethearts, we hope to enjoy your company for many more years!

On the 29th of March we went with Disney (Ch. TT Told You First) and her daughter Yuna (TT Cinderella's Charm) to the Internation Dogshow in Luxembourg. Disney was placed 3rd Excellent in a strong championclass, Yuna was placed 2nd Excellent RCAC in a strong openclass. Anouk, again, our congratulations with this wonderful result! We are so proud of our girls!

On the 28th of february 2015 we went with Kayley (Ch. Lovely Miracle Kayley of Magic Mika) and her granddaughter Yuna (TT Cinderella's Charm) to the Benelux Winner Dogshow in Groningen (NL). Yuna was placed 2nd Excellent in openclass. Kayley was placed 1st Excellent Veteranclass and gained the title Benelux Veteran Winner Netherlands '15 after which she became Best Bitch and Benelux Winner Netherlands '15 with Crufts Qualification! Judge was Mr R. Ballantyne (GB). Kayley was placed amongst the 6 best Veterans in show later that afternoon! Super duper proud of these 2 lovely ladies!!

On the 21the of February 2015 we went with Disney (Ch TT Told You First) and her daughter Yuna (TT Cinderella's Charm) to the International Dogshow in Hoogstraten (B). Disney was placed 2nd Excellent in championclass and Yuna unfortunately received a very good in openclass. Judge was Mrs. Beattie (IRL).

On the 14th of February 2015 Bijou (TT Something Special) went to live with her new family Yvonne and beardiefriend Twinkle. We couldn't have asked for a better home for this sweet girl. We wish Yvonne much luck and happiness with this special little girl.

On the 7th of February 2015 Yuna (TT Cinderella's Charm) went to the Internationale Dogshow in Eindhoven and was placed 2nd Excellent ResCAC/Res CACIB! Judge was Mr.D. Rutten. (NL) Congratulations with this wonderful result, Anouk!!

On the 17th of January 2015 Pim and Baloo (TT Jungle Book's Baloo) participated at the contest of their dogschool KC Zoys. They were 2nd in their class! Congratulations with this wonderful result!

On 16 January 2015 Kayley and Joe's litter were 3 years old. Happy birthday to Lola, Snoop, Boef, Brownie, Bruce, Nhoa, Charley, Finley and offcourse our sweet Molly!

On the 10th of January 2015 Anouk went with Yuna (TT Cinderella's Charm) to the Dogshow Genk (Belgium). She was placed 1st Excellent in openclass and became Best Bitch with CAC! Judge was Mrs. M. van Brempt (B). Big congratulations Anouk with your gorgeous girl!!

On the 23th of December 2014, is was Harley, Baloo, Yuna, Magic, Belle and Minnie's birthday. They are now 2 years old. Happy birthday to you all!

On the 14th of December Benji (TT Mister Universe) went to the Winner Dogshow in Amsterdam. He was placed 2nd Excellent Openclass with a beautiful report from judge Erica Bakke (NL). Congratulations Ron with the wonderful result of your handsome beardieboy!!

In November 2014 we received the devastating news that Laila's (TT Wish Upon A Star) owner has passed away. A new home was needed for Laila and a week later a home was found for her. Laila was adopted by the family Sparidans and new beardiefriend Mika. Her name was changed to Lana. Our deep condoleances to Hannie's family. We wish Lana's new family lot's of luck and happiness with this sweet and special girl. (Mika is left and Lana right on the picture)

On 1 November 2014 we received the great news from the owner of Charlie (TT Simply Special) that she passed for the puppiecourse! Congratulations Fam. van Duuren! We wish you lots of fun at the follow up courses!

On the 19th of October 2014 Jenny participated with Kessie (TT Told You So) at the Dutch Championships CombiSport. Together they came in 3rd at the end of the day! Big congratulations Jenny with this wonderful result!


We received sad news today from Kayley's breeder. Kayley's mum Noa (Ch. Happy Bavarian Magic Mika's Special Lady) has passed away today. Sweet Noa we will always be greatful for your beautiful and sweet daughter Kayley. Without Noa there would have been Telling Tails Bearded Collies. Nancy, Dim, Kevin and Kelsey, we are so sorry for your loss....

Rest in peace, beautiful and sweet Noa

April 2011 Noa (left) with her daughter Kayley (middle) and granddaughter Disney (right)


Great news from the International Dogshow Maastricht (NL) where Anouk Buntinx won Best of Breed CAC/CACIB with her lovely beardiegirl Yuna (TT Cinderella's Charm). We are super proud of Anouk and Yuna!! Big congratulations and a hug from mummy Disney!!


15 - 09 - 2014

The puppies are 8 weeks old and have all found new homes. We feel fortunate about the great families we found for the little sweethearts!! A few of the puppies have already left and we still have 2 left because of holidays etc. of the new owners. The puppies have been out socializing a lot the last weeks they were here and we continue to do so till they have left our home. They love to walk on leash on the pavement and hardly react to the traffic that passes them. the puppies have visited several shoppingcenters and they have been to the marketplace too. And this weekend we went to the gardencenter and to a farm with a lot of small animals. We are lucky with having such good weather at the moment so the puppies spend a lot of time in our garden where they can hear lot's of outdoor noises. We have already received lovely messages from the owners who already have picked up their puppies. The puppies are doing great and we are so happy to hear that! Time has really flown and the puppies are ready to explore the world with their new owners. We wish the new owners lot's of luck and happiness with their newest addition to their family and we hope we will get lot's of nice messages about their adventures in future! Sweet puppies...we will allways have a special place for you in our hearts, we loved you from day one you were born here in our home and you have developed into such lovely puppies. Gorgeous pups with amazing, outgoing and playfull and cuddly characters. Mummy Disney and daddy Rodney and each of us here are so proud of you. We hope you will be happy and loved throughout your life and will grow old as healthy dogs. We will come and visit you and hope to welcome you on any of our walks in future. Big hug from all of us!!


We are late with our weekly photographs and video's, we have been so busy! New photo's and video's can be found on the puppiepage and via bear 7.


The puppies are 6 weeks old. You can tell that they need more challenges now which they will get this week! This afternoon they will visit the vet's office for vaccinations, which means they will be going for a ride in the car for the first time! This Friday there is someone coming from the Dutch Kennelclub to microchip the puppies and to take a DNA swab from each puppie. This way the puppies will officially be connected to their pedigreename. And we have planned a great trip for the puppies this Saturday, more about that next week, but we can promise that it will be so much fun!! The puppies will also be de-wormed this week. And they will have lot's of young and older visitors this week too! Later this week the puppies will go outside on a leash for the first time if the weather is on our side. There is one lovely girl available, Simply Special. She's a very promising little girl who may also be good for show but the most important thing for us is that she will find a loving home. If you are interested in this sweet girl, please contact us. New photo's and video's can be found on the puppiepage and via bear 6.


Because we are so busy with the puppies at the moment, we didn't have the time to report the results of the Telling Tails and their owners at the Champion Clubmatch of the Belgian Bearded Collie Club on the 10th of August. It was dry most of the time and it was a fantastic day. Belle (TT Tinker Bell's Tale) and Finley (TT One in a Million) were given a "Very Good" unfortunately but did so well!! They looked lovely! Yuna (TT Cinderella's Charm) was given an excellent in a strong intermediate class, Charley (TT Give Me Credit) was placed 2nd with an excellent judgement in open class and Molly (TT Million Dollar Baby) was placed 1st with an excellent judgement in breeders class. We thank all of the owners for their company and for all of their help at showing, and setting up the tent and things like that! We are so proud of you all!! We hope you have had a nice day!







The puppies are now 5 weeks old and time is flying!! New photo's and video's can be found on the puppiepage and via bear 5. We have a few girls available.


Unfortunately a little bit late, but we finally placed new pictures of Disney and Rodney's "Special" litter, now 4 weeks old on our website. New photo's and video's can be found on the puppiepage and via bear 4. We have a few puppies available.


Hip hip hurray!! Today it's Disney's 6th birthday!! Happy Birthday sweetheart, big kiss on your sweet little nose...we are so happy to have you in our lives!! Big birthday hug to Disney's brothers and sisters: Sara, Marley, Kessie, Wolle, Guus and Yellow, hope you get really spoiled today!!


The puppies are 3 weeks old and are doing great! New photo's and video's can be found on the puppiepage and via bear 3. We have 1 boy and 2 girls available.


This was a real successfull Telling Tail weekend!! First of all great news about Kessie (TT Told You So) which we received from her owner Jenny: "Today the Second Chance agility contest at the AHC. After a difficult start, 3 poles and 1 disqualification, the final 3 rounds were completely flawless! Managed to be places 3rd overall!! And that with so much competiotion from really fast dogs!! Super proud of Kessie!!!! " Big congratulations to Jenny with this wonderful result!!!

Magic (TT Mickey Mouse's Magic) went for his exam agility to the dogschool and was promoted from course B to course C! Congratulations Ellen!

And Yuna (TT Cinderella's Charm) was at the Dogshow in Leuven, Belgium with her owner Anouk. They were placed reserve Best Bitch with the full CAC!! Great achievement you two!! We are really proud of you, congratulations!!


Another week has passed and the puppies are developing well. They are now 2 weeks old and the eyes have opened!! New photo's and video's can be found on the puppiepage and via bear 2. If you are interested in a puppie, please contact us.


The puppies are 1 week old. They are doing great and we have made new pictures of the little ones which you can find on the puppiepage and via bear 1. If you are interested in a puppie, please contact us.


Telling Tails Cinderella's Charm "Yuna" 1 excellent in intermediare class and Reserve Best Bitch with RCAC and RCACIB at the International Dogshow in Liege, Belgium! Big congratulations Anouk and Imke with this beautiful result!!


Great news!! In the night of Sunday to Monday, 14 July 2014, Rodney and Disney's puppies were born!! The total of 6 puppies were born, 2 boys and 4 girls, all slate. The birth went perfectly, mummy Disney and her babies are doing great!! You can find the pictures of every individual puppie on the puppiepage via bear number 0. We will regularly update our website with new pictures and movies. If you are interested in a puppie from this litter, please contact us.


We have updated the puppieplanning page. This is Disney's final week of her pregnancy! We have also made some new pages on our site, Telling Tails @ Agility and a page for Benji, Telling Tails Mister Universe.


Today we were at the BCVN Clubmatch to show some Telling Tails and we did well!! Benji 1EX Open Class, Yuna 1EX Intermediaire Class, Minnie VG Junior Class, Molly 1EX Breeders Class and Belle 1EX Junior Class, Best Junior in Show and Reserve Best Bitch with Res CAC! We have created a new page on our website specially for the Telling Tails owned by others who have been to show since 2012 (TT @ Show). In case we have forgotten your Telling Tail, please let us know!!







Yeah! Great news!! Disney and Rodney are expecting babies!! They will probably arrive around 15 July. Till then, a lot of information about this upcoming litter and pregnancy can be found on the Puppieplanning page. If you are interested in a puppie from this litter, please feel free to contact us.


It is finally finished, the Offspring Page Litter Dec 2012, the litter of Howard and Disney dd 23-12-2012!! Enjoy the photo's and video's!!


Happy 4th Birthday to Laila, Benji, Milo, Bruce, Bryce, Blizzy and Gijs!! We wish you a wonderful day with lot's of tasty treats!! Big hug from mummy Kayley and offcourse from all of us!!


Today the offspring of Kayley's litter to Joe celebrate their 2nd birthday!! Happy Birthday to Lola, Snoop, Boef, Brownie, Bruce, Nhoa, Charley, Finley and off course our own Molly! Hope you will all be spoiled today!! Big hug from all of us and especially from your mum Kayley!


Happy First Birthday to Harley, Baloo, Yuna, Magic, Belle and Minnie!! How time files, a year already!! We wish you a great day with lots of cuddles and treats!! Big hug from mommy Disney to you all!!


We have received such great news from Jenny Smith about Kessie (TT Told You So). Together they achieved a first price in the CombiSport class A Competion!!! And they managed to reach a 2nd place at the Dutch Championships too! What a beautiful result!! Many congratulations to the both of you!!


Our sweet Disney is 5 years old today!! Happy Birthday to Disney and her litterbrothers and sisters Sara, Marley, Kessie, Wolle, Guus en Yellow!!


More good news. Last Sunday, 23th June we were at the Champion Clubmatch of the new Beardie Club in The Netherlands. There were a lot Telling Tails beardies participating at this show, big thanx to all of the owners, we hope they've had a nice day!

2Ex Telling Tails Give Me Credit (Young Dogs Class) Charley was perfectly shown by his loving owner Karin Kammenga-Rijnen. Big congratulations with this wonderful result!

3Ex Telling Tails Mister Universe. It was Benji's first real show. He was shown by Kim Hoeks, huge thanx for doing such a good job! Benji moved and stood like he's done it many times before even without showtraining!! Big congratulations to his owner Ron de Winter with this result!!

3VP Telling Tails Tinker Bell's Tale (puppyclass). This was Belle's first show. She and her sister Minnie were exactly 6 months old the day of the clubmatch. It was a little bit difficult to stand still before the judge because she only wanted to cuddle and be happy! Big congratulations to her owner Gerina Houwaart with this wonderful result!

2VP Telling Tails Minnie Mouse's Music (puppyclass), Belle's sister did so well! Standing still was easier for Minnie because she has been to showtraining with her owner Matty Tybout! Minnie was shown by Kim Hoeks who knows how to handle a jumpy little puppie ;-) Thanks a lot Kim and big congratulations to the owners of Minnie!

3Ex Telling Tails Million Dollar Baby (Young Dog Class). Molly was entered to this show for the first time since a while. She was shown by Karin, many thanx for doing so well with her! We are really happy with this result!

2Ex Ch. Lovely Miracle Kayley of Magic Mika (Veteranclass). For the first time since years Kayley was entered at a show. And boy, did she have fun!! She did so well, we are really happy with this result!

And then our Disney (Ch. Telling Tails Told You First). She was placed 2Ex in Championclass!! But she also won Reserve Best Bitch with RCAC and is therefore now Champion of The Netherlands!! On top of that she also became the Best Self Bred Bearded Collie of the Clubmatch!! We are so proud of her, our sweet girl, the second show after her litter to Howard in December!! We had the most perfect day and are still happy about it!!

On the left Best Bitch Ch. Firstprizebears Just Beat It with owner Vicky van Tiggelen and on the right our gorgeous Disney, Reserve Best Bitch and now Champion of The Netherlands!!

And Disney was choosen to be the Best Self Bred Bearded Collie at the Clubmatch!

We also made some groupphoto's of the Telling Tails family...From left to right Charley, Molly, Benji, Kayley, Disney, Belle and Minnie.

Belle, Disney and Kayley (3 generations)

Disney, Kayley and Minnie (3 generations)

Belle, Disney, Kayley and Minnie


We were at the International Dogshow in Oss (NL) where Charley (TT Give Me Credit) did a great job!! He was placed 1Exc in Junior Class and is now a Junior Show Champion of The Netherlands!! On top of that he became Reserve Best Dog with RCAC!! We are so proud!! A huge thank you and congratulations to the owner Karin Kammenga-Rijnen and Kelly Ouwerkerk who handled him into perfection!!


Disney (TT Told You First) was placed 2Exc in the Championclass. This was her first show after her litter late December 2012 so we are very happy with this result!


Today Kayley and Lee's litter in 2010 are celebrating their 3rd Birthday!! Big congratulations to Laila, Benji, Milo, Bruce, Bryce, Blizzy and Gijs!! Big hugs from mummy Kayley and from all of us @Telling Tails!


We have some more good news to report! We have received the results of Charley and Molly's hip X-ray's. At the International Dogshow in Goes Charley won the Juniorclass and Reserve Best Dog again!! Big congrats to Karin and her beautiful boy Charley and thanks to Kelly for showing him so perfectly!! Disney and Kayley have competed the last 2 weekends at an Agility contest for the first time this season. Disney was 1st with the only clear round in "the game" out of 80 dogs of all breed!! Unfortunately we made some mistakes in the other rounds, but we can try again at the next contest. Kayley was totally happy at her first contest of the season and was a little bit naughty which did not bring any points for promotion. But we just have to practice at the contests again and have lot's of fun together. We received some nice pictures of them and also a video of Disney's clear round:




Disney's clear round!



The result of Charley's hip X-ray's: HD-A Norbergvalue 40

Molly: HD-A Norbergvalue 36


We have lot's of news to share! At first we want you to know that our 2 oldest ladies celebrated their birthday this week. It was Lindsey's 12th anniversary on the 7th of April and Kayley's 8th anniversary on the 10th of April! How time flies!!

There were some dogshows at which a few Telling Tails participated. At the International Dogshow in Leiden Charley was placed 1st and Finley 2nd in the Juniorclass! Charley became Reserve Best Dog too with the RCAC!! We are so proud of these young boys!! Big congrats to the owners of Finley, Ron and Erna and the owner of Charley, Karin!! Charley also participated at the International Dogshow in Luxembourg and was placed 2nd in Juniorclass!! Beautiful result!! And at the show in Leiden, I participated with Lindsey and Disney in the demonstration Obedience and with Disney and Kayley in the demonstration Agility. Please find below some photo's and video's:

Finley (TT One In A Million) (Photo's made by Ron v.d. Meiden, thanx!!X)

Charley (TT Give Me Credit)

Charley (TT Give Me Credit) in Luxembourg (Photo made by Petra Bonny, thanx!X)

Demo Disney obedience and a part of agility


Demo Lindsey obedience


Demo Kayley agility




The puppiepage has finally been updated!


We have received such a lovely digital card from Wendy and Bart. Their sweet Nhoa (TT Too Expensive) wishes all a Happy Valentine's Day!!



The final week has set in...In just a couple of days the first puppies will move to their new homes. We have been busy with the pups this and last week, to the marketplace, shoppingcenter, gardencenter and to the park. The new pictures and video's are updated into the puppiepage 7 weeks.

We have also received great news from Karin, owner of TT Give Me Credit. Charley went to the Internation Dogshow in Eindhoven and was placed 2Excellent by the judge Pamela Runderkamp. He was very happy and did so well!! We have received beautiful photo's...such a lovely dog!! We are so proud of Karin and Charley and thank Kelly for showing him!!



The puppies are 6 weeks old, growing fast and are going to explore the outside world this week during their socialization!!
There are new pictures and video's at the puppiepage.


We are right on time with the new photo's of the puppies now 5 weeks old! Check out the puppiepage!! How cute they are!!


New photo's and video's at the puppiepage. The puppies are now 4 weeks old and doing great!!


Kayley and Joe's puppies from the litter of 2012 are 1 year old today!! Happy birthday to Nhoa, Lola, Snoop, Boef, Brownie, Bruce, Charley, Finley and off course our own Molly!! How time flies!! Big hugs from all of us!!


The puppiepage has been updated again, time is going fast!! They are already 3 weeks old and are walking around so much better!! We really enjoy seeing them play..we don't need a television anymore ;-) We have placed 2 video's of them playing and walking around from last week.


New photo's of the puppies at the puppiepage week 2!!










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