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The puppies are 1 week old. You can find new photo's and video's at the puppie page in week 1. We wish you all a fantastic 2013!!


We have some fantastic news to share with you!! Disney has become a proud mother of 6 gorgeous puppies!! Check out our puppiepage week 0 for more information and photo's.


Disney's pregnancy diary and the album photo's: walks has been updated.


Disney's pregnancy diary at the Puppieplanning page has been updated again...


We received fantastic news from our vet today!! Disney is expecting puppies!!! We are so thrilled!! See the Puppieplanning page for more information regarding Disney's pregnancy.


This Sunday, we were at the Bearded Collie Championship Clubshow Belgium with 4 Telling Tails and our cute Lindsey, Judge Mrs.Ann Andrews (UK). It was such a nice day...we really enjoyed ourselves!! What a day it was: our sweeties did great!! Finley, TT One In A Million was placed 3rd Excellent despite the fact that he was being really naughty!! ;-) Charley, TT Give Me Credit did a tremendous job and was placed 2nd Excellent!! Nhoa, TT Too Expensive was at show for her very first time and managed to be placed 2nd Excellent!! Molly, TT Million Dollar Baby was placed 1st Excellent and became Best Junior in Show!! Furthermore the 4 Telling Tails brothers and sisters competed for Best Group in Show and Won!! Lindsey, No-Nonsense's Allpurpose hadn't been shown for a very long time but just loved it again! She is now 11 1/2 years old and was placed 1st Excellent!! We are so proud of all the handsome and lovely sweeties and their owners!!!! Karin Kammenga-Rijnen, Erna Lindhout, Wendy van de Wouwer and Karin van Coolwijk, Thank you so much for helping at the show with grooming and presenting of our lovely beardies!! We congratulate all owners with the great results!! An impression of the day with huge thanx for making the lovely photo's Rianne van de Hoef and Petra Bonny:

Telling Tails Give Me Credit "Charley" 2Excellent Juniorclass

Telling Tails One In A Million "Finley" 3Excellent Juniorclass

At this moment Finley was still standing....

Naughty Finley showing his lovely tummy...He must have thought "I'm beautiful from top to my tummy ;-)

Oh, well...might as well show some movement of you want me to...

Telling Tails Million Dollar Baby "Molly" 1Excellent Juniorclass and Best junior In Show!!

Molly showing her movement and Nhoa is wainting patiently behind her

Telling Tails Too Expensive "Nhoa" 2Excellend Juniorclass!!

No-Nonsense's All Purpose "Lindsey" 1Excellent Veteranclass!!

Best Veteran Dog and our Lindsey competing for Best Veteran in Show

Telling Tails Best Group in Show!!

Best Junior Dog and our Molly competing for Best Junior in Show

Yeah!! Molly has won!!!


Update on the page Puppieplanning!! If all goes well our dearest Disney will give birth to a wonderful litter just before Christmas!


Today we were at the International Dogshow in Bleiswijk with Finley and Molly. Finley was placed 1st in his class and received his first kwalification for the Dutch Junior Championship. Big congratulations to Erna and Ron, the owners of Finley! Molly was placed 3rd. She has her own page on our site now, you can check this by going to the button "Our Beardies". We have made some video's of Finley and Molly today:






Ok, so it's rather late to inform you about our latest show, but the weekend was so busy, we just needed some time to get the energy back. But, we have some great news we wanted to share with you again! This Saturday, we went to the Bearded Collie Specialty Champion Show in The Netherlands. 3 of the puppies out of Kayley's litter to Joe this January were attending the show, Finley (Telling Tails One In A Million), Charley (Telling Tails Give Me Credit) and Molly (Telling Tails Million Dollar Baby). First, Finley and Charley competed for Best Puppiedog. We had asked Kim Hoeks to show Finley which she did perfectly!! Kim, thanks again, we really appreciated your help!!! Both Finley and Charley received a lovely report from the Swedish judge Johan Andersson and were found "very promissing". Charley won from his brother Finley and was therefore allowed to continue to compete for Best Puppie in Show. Molly was also judged by Mr Andersson and did very well. She received a lovely report just like her brothers. Molly beat the other puppiebitches in her class and was then to compete against her brother Charley. It was totally Charley's day, his sound movement was a joy to watch and so therefore he well earned the Best Puppie in Show price!!! In the afternoon, Disney (Telling Tails Told You First) competed in a large and strong breedersclass and was judged by the English judge Kim Evans. Unfortunately Disney did not get placed but did receive a lovely report and was found "excellent" so we are more than satisfied with this result. Karin, congratulations with your Best in Show Puppie Charley, way to go!! Ron and Erna, your sweet Finley performed so well for his first show ever with Kim, you should be very proud of him!!!! We have also made some pictures of this wonderful day, though very hard to choose from, because there were so many nice ones!! So therefore we just placed some extra...after all we are so proud and it is our website ;-)







Molly en 2 andere puppies in haar klasse







What a great weekend we had!!! This Sunday we were at the dogshow in Bergheim (Germany) with Disney (Telling Tails Told You First) and Molly (Telling Tails Million Dollar Baby). Mrs. Sontje Peplow (Germany) judged the Bearded Collie and Shetland Sheepdog. What a great day it was!! Molly became Best Puppie in Breed and again (!) Best Puppie in Show!! We are soooo proud of this little girl, performing at her best at her 2nd show!! And then, our sweet Dizzelnizzelnie...aka Disney!! She is such a beauty and such a sweet girl!!! Her movement in the ring was superb and she stood there like the judge could not overlook her!! (which she didn't ;-)) She was rewarded with a first place and Best of Breed!! Wauw!! And on top of that we received fantastic news from Karin at the dogshow in Rotterdam (Netherlands) about Charley (Telling Tails Give Me Credit) winning Best Puppie in Breed!! And also great news from Rianne and Mal at the Beardie Specialty Clubshow in Scotland (GB) where Joe (Malandex Xceedingly Good JW), Molly and Charley's dad, won the CC and Best in Breed!! Again...congratulations to you all with these great results of your sweethearts!! They will never take this day away from us...such a joy!!










Today it's the 4th birthday of Kayley's litter in 2008!! Disney, Sara, Marley, Kessie, Wolle, Guus and Yellow, congratulations to you all!! Big hugs from all of us!!


This Sunday, we were at the Dogshow in Gelsenkirchen with Disney (TT Told You First) and Molly (TT Million Dollar Baby) together with Karin and her bearded collies Dommel and Charley (TT Give Me Credit). What a magnificant day it was!!! The very first show for both puppies but they did great!! The Irish judge Mrs. Brenda Doyle chose Charley as best Puppydog and Molly as Best Puppie of Breed! In the afternoon Molly was choosen by a different judge (Mrs. Monique van Brempt, B) as Best Puppie in Show!!! Wauw can't describe how proud we are!! Disney was placed first in championclass and is now German Club Champion too!! On top of that she was choosen as Reserve Best of Breed by Mrs Doyle!! What a terrific day!!


Charley's Judging report:

Nice slate puppy, good proportions, good front and rear angulations, nice topline, lovely dark eye and pigment, correct bite, carrying tail a little high today.


Molly's Judging report:

I liked this one today - just my cup of tea.
Super puppy with gorgeous expression, lovely femenine head, lovely topline, very well constructed throughout.
Super lenght of tail.
I would like to take her home, if she would fit into my suitcase.

Charley and Molly


Disney's Judging report:

Stylish girl in beautiful coat and condition today.
Lovely strong headwith melting expression coming from dark eye and pigment.
Love her outline and good angulation front and rear, moved well today, very well presented.

Molly goes for Best in Show:

The winners:


Today we received important mail, the confirmation of Disney's (TT Told You First) German VDH Championship!! We are so proud of our sweetheart!!

And we have also received some nice photo's of Finley (TT One In A Million) on holiday in Heyd (B). Finley is 5 months old in the pictures:

Finley being occupied with his carrot which is a nice toy when your jaw is hurting because of the teething!

Finley got some swimminglessons in the pond. Once he figured out that it is great to be in the water, he didn't want to get out!!! ;-)


And we also received these great pictures of Charley (TT Give Me Credit). What a big boy!!

This ball is almost bigger than Charley....but he's so proud with it!!


On 30 June, Wilbert Ebben and his beardie Bryce (Telling Tails Stardust) achieved an amazing result at the agility contest in Venlo (NL). Today we received the movie which will show the terrific job they both did!! Bryce did not make any mistake and ended up as 7th with a lot of promotionpoints!! Congratulations from us all, we are so proud!! Offcourse we would like to share this movie with all of you:




It's Janey's 2nd birthday today!! She celebrated her birthday at the beach with Diana and Yellow!! Happy birthday sweet girl!!


I did not have the time yet to share with you our wonderful news!! Last weekend we went to the International Dogshow in Dortmund, Germany and it was more than worth the effort!! On Saturday the Europasieger Show took place and Disney (TT Told You First) attended the open class bitches. She did more than great because she was placed first and received a double German CAC and a beautiful report from the GB judge! With this result she completed the conditions to become a German Champion VDH!! We are so proud of our sweet girl!!! On Sunday she was placed 4th Excellent with a beautiful report which was quite an achievement because the judge of this day gave several champions a Very Good. That's why we were a bit nervous and didn't present ourselves as well as the day before. Nevertheless we have had a lovely weekend and met a lot of nice people!! We have made a video of Disney's judging this Saturday...isn't she lovely??!! And we received some nice pictures of Disney from Monja Leuckemeier of Tolkiens Dream Bearded Collies who we have met in Germany. Thanks again for the nice pics!!




Kayley's puppies out of the litter in 2010 are 2 years old today!! Happy birthday to Laila, Benji, Milo, Bruce, Bryce, Blizzy en Gijs!! A big birthday cuddle to all of you from mummy Kayley...


All puppies have found a good and loving home:

The owners of Nhoa (TT Too Expensive) have sent us an Easter photo...A real Easter sweetheart!!


Today the puppies are 9 weeks old. These two sweethearts (Molly and Boef) are looking for a loving home. For more photo's please check the puppiepage.


We have received a lot of messages and some photo's from the new owners:

Nhoa at her new home with her new friend Fhara

Charley with his big pal Dommel:

Finley with his new big brother Murray:


The puppies were 8 weeks old yesterday. We went to primary school with each puppie which was really nice!! The puppies liked the children and the children loved the puppies! We have placed photo's of this visit at the puppiepage week 8. Saying goodbye is not easy but we are glad to have found such good homes for a lot of them. Some of them have already left to their new owners. There are still 2 lovely puppies looking for a loving home. Allthough the puppies will be socialized during the time they remain with us, it is clear that they are ready to explore the world with a loving family who have solely attention to that puppie. Telling Tails Priceless (girl) and Telling Tails Can't Buy Me Love (boy) are available. Please contact us if you are interested in one of these puppies. Check the new photo's at the puppiepage week 8.


There are 2 puppies looking for a loving home, 1 girl and 1 boy. (see the photo's below. If you are interested in one of these puppies, please contact us. You are more than welcome to come over and meet with us and our beardies.


The puppies are 7 weeks old today. The time is flying so fast!! The puppies have been vaccinated this week, dewormed and have been walking on a leash for the first time. This week we will continue to socialize the puppies. At the end of the week we will go with the puppies to the primaryschool to meet a lot of children. The puppies are quite venturous now and we can really use that right now."Aunty" Lindsey is a great example for the puppies when they walk outside. They absolutely adore her, and Lindsey ignores them, this makes them walk perfectly beside her. What would we do without Lindsey!! At this moment we have 2 lovely puppies available (1 girl and 1 boy). Please contact us if you are interested in a puppie of this litter. We have updated the puppiepage. Click on bear number 7 for the newest photo's and video's.


This last week has flown by and the puppies are now 6 weeks old! There is a lot scheduled for the puppies this week. Today the puppies were micro-chipped and the names are now matched to the specific puppies. This Thursday, the puppies will be vaccinated by the vet, so the puppies will be driven by vehicle for the very first time! And this week they will also be dewormed again. And if the weather will be not too cold, they will spend lot's of time in the garden again. So, if you count it all up, they will definitely have a busy week!! If you are interested in a puppie from this litter, please contact us. Check the puppiepage and click on the bear with number 6 to see the new pictures of the puppies.


We have placed a lot of new photo's and video's at the puppiepage 5 weeks old. Today they have been outside for the first time, how exciting!!!


The puppies are 5 weeks old. They have been dewormed again last week and have eaten fresh meat now too, which they absolutely love! We have placed a little tunnel in the puppiepen so they can play with it. Without any hesitation they went right through it, so great to watch!! Disney plays a lot with the puppies. They climb on top of her and pull her hair and she let's them and cuddles them too! It's so cute just watching them play together!! The puppies continue to grow well and we get to see more and more of their beautiful characters, we love them so!! There are a few puppies available. Please contact us for more information.


It's cuddletime!! How can anyone resist such sweethearts??!!! There are more video's of the puppies at the puppiepage week 4.





A week has passed again, how time flies!! The puppies are now 4 weeks old and have more room to play in the puppiepen. This week we have started to give them poridge which they absolutely love! Some of them just jump into the feedingbowl with their front legs and are totally covered with poridge!! We use a towel to clean them up and afterwards they are clean and pretty again ;-). There are a few puppies available, please contact us for more information.

The pedigree names are known right now. The litters theme:

"Money can buy a dog, but only love will wag it's tail!"

We made new photo's this week with the theme "Valentine's Day". The new names and photo's were updated to the puppiepage, bear 4!


Today, the puppies are 3 weeks old. They have made huge steps in their development. They walk so much better, the eyes and ears have opened and they are starting to play with eachother and with toys, a beautiful sight! We have made new photo's with a wintertheme. There is also a movie of the little ones. Check the puppiepage and click on the bear with number 3 to see them.


Yesterday, the puppies were 2 weeks old. They are growing so fast and are starting to opening up their eyes and walk on their little paws! Check the puppiepage and click on the bear with nr 2 for a lot of new pictures of them all!


The puppies are 1 week old. Check the puppiepage and click on the bear with nr 1 for new pictures of these sweethearts!


Kayley got mail from the United Kingdom today. It came from the father of her puppies Joe!!!

Inside the box there was a sweet and beautiful postcard for Kayley and 9 sweet puppietoys, one for each puppie!

Kayley loves them and as soon as the puppies will start to play, they will have a lot of fun with these toys! Dearest Joe, on behalf of Kayley and all your sweet little puppies we give you a big hug to thank you!! And this hug is also for your owners who were so kind to post the package in the mail for you!! ;-)


Finally, the puppies are born!!! The delivery was not easy but the 9 little puppies are beautiful!! Check the puppiepage for more information and photo's!! If you are interested in having a puppie out of this lovely combination, please contact us.


Still no puppies yet, so I had time today to finish the Herding Photo Page!


Oh well, better make the best of it while waiting for the puppies...we have finally finished the agility page with photo's and video's!!!


Still no puppies but Kayley's chart regarding her weight and waist and her Pregnancy Diary has been updated on the Puppiepage.


Kayley's chart regarding her weight and waist and her Pregnancy Diary has been updated on the Puppiepage!!


The offspring pages are finished. We thank everybody for sending the nice photo's and video's of your beardies!!


We have updated the puppiepage. Information about Kayley's weight and waist-size and Kayleys Pregnancy Diary has been added. Still about 2,5 weeks to go, it's getting more and more exciting!!


We have received great news tonight!! Kayley is indeed expecting puppies!! We are really looking forward to the puppies!! In case you are interested in having a puppie, please contact us for information.


Our new website is now online, even though the site is not completely finished and there are some things that aren't working properly. In the next period we will try to fill the pages that are still empty and if there are any remarks or if you want to give advise, we would really like that!! And off course the Puppieplanning page is finished, the announcement has been made about Kayleys 3rd and final litter.


Finally Kayley has come into season!! We have travelled to the United Kingdom this weekend to mate Kayley to a beautiful English boy. Both were very much in love!! The official announcement will follow very soon, we did not have the time yet to sort them out. So we are keeping up the suspense ;-)


We were at the International Dogshow in Bleiswijk today. Disney was placed first in open class and Janey was placed first in juniorclass and is now a Dutch Junion Champion!! We are so happy with these great results!! Photo will follow shortly....


Disney is now 3 years old!! Happy birthday sweetheart!! Yesterday we celebrated your birthday together with you sister Yellow at the beach of Kijkduin. Today you will be even more spoiled!! Dear Sara, Marley, Kessie, Wolle, Guus and Yellow, we wish you a happy birthday and a big hug from us all!


Today it's Janey's birthday!! How time flies, 1 year old already!! She has been spoiled with treats today, and tomorrow she'll enjoy a nice walk on the beach!! Happy birthday little sweetheart!!


Today, the puppies from Kayley's second litter have become 1 year old!! We wish Laila, Benji, Milo, Bruce, Bryce, Blizzy and Gijs a happy birthday!! Big hugs from all of us!!


Yesterday it was Kayley's birhtday, she became 6 years old!! She went for a lovely walk on the beach of Kijkduin (NL) with her two daughters Yellow and Disney. The weather was great, the sun was shining, nice temperature, a real success!! Sweet Kay, congratulations, and we hope to have you around for many many years!!


Today it's Lindsey's birthday!! Happy birthday my sweet darling!! She's now 10 years old, but you wouldn't give her that age, she still a very active girl!! Last Sunday we celebrated her birthday party in Hasselt, Belgium at the tasterday for herding especially for beardies. Allthough she's herder only once before, many years ago, the instinct of the herding is still very much alive inside her!! Lindsey loved every bit of it, so besides the presents she'll receive today, her birthdayparty was a big success!!! We'll soon place an album of the lovely photo's Rianne van de Hoef made of the girls at the tasterday.


Last Sunday there was an international dogshow in Luxembourg. We first went and see Milo at his own place and his owners Louise and Grace and had a lovely dinner. Then, the next day show with great results again. Kayley was placed 3 Exc in the Championclass, Disney received an Exc but was unfortunately not placed and Milo was placed 4 Exc. It was the first time in Juniorclass for him and he's only 10 months, so we are very proud!

Milo and Louise



Milo, Kayley and Disney


We received the following message with fantastic news form the owners of Blizzy (TT Moonlight Serenade).

We wish Blizzy and het owners good luck and a lot of fun during the upcoming obedienceclass!!

"Just wanted to report the good news that Blizzy and Ruud have passed the exam for GH1. We are very proud of our sweet girl!

Out of the 24 points she received 23,5 despite her hormones which are running through her body right now. Isn't it great!

On 16 april they will start the next course GH2."


Last Saturday we were at the International Dogshow in Leiden (KV Rijnland). Janey received a beautiful report from the judge and a very promissing, Best Puppie in Breed. Disney was placed 1st excellent in the openclass and became Reserve Best Bitch (Res.CAC/Res.CACIB)!! We are so happy again with this wonderful result! At Sunday I gave a demo agility with Kayley and Disney at the show. The two girls entertained the audience well!! ;-)

Rianne van de Hoef made these wonderful photo's of our girls, thank you Rianne!!

Janey in Leiden

Disney in Leiden


From Bruce (TT Outer Space) his owner Mich we recieved the following good news:

" Bruce succeeded today in his "Test van sociaal gedrag" (social behaviour test) necessary for obedience and agility tests"

And the day after again good news:

"after social behaviour yesterday... today from class A to B in obedience with 98/100!!"


Kayley competed at the agility contest in St.Oedenrode (NL). She completed her promotion to the B1 by ending up with a final clear round at the competition in St. Oedenrode.She really enjoys agility and I enjoy this sport with her!! Who says a beautiful showgirl cannot work??!! We are so proud of Kayley!! Below you can see Kayley win her final clear round and with this her promotion to the B1!!! The video is made by Jolly Footsteps Bearded Collies.



Yesterday we were at the International Dogshow in Rheinberg (Germany). Disney became Reserve Best Bitch RCAC/RCACIB! And Janey did pretty well too!! She became Best Puppie in Breed and got selected into the last best 6 puppies at BIS puppy!! This was a fantastic day!!!


Last week we received the result from the ED X-Ray test of Kayley and Disney. They are both free of any abnormalities!

We also received some good news from Luxembourg. Milo (TT Sirius) became Reserve Best Puppie Male at his first show ever in Luxembourg! We are very proud of Milo and hereby congratulate his owners Louise and Grace with this beautiful result!!







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