The Bearded Collie


Particulars of the breed

The Bearded Collie, or beardie for short, is an amazing herdingdog in many ways.

The beardie is full of love and life, a real familydog that cannot be kept in an outdoor kennel. The beardie loves attention and is very playfull.

Sports is something they really like, in example agility, herding sheep or obedience.

Some beardies will let you know by barking that they are having a lot of fun!

Beardies are very devoted dogs and friendly towards children and other pets and therefore make a perfect familydog!

A beardie is very intelligent and sensitive and will need the continuously support of it's owner. The best basis for a good relationship and understanding with your dog is by working with your beardie in a positive way. The beardie does not need a harsh hand, rewarding the dog at the right moment works so much better. Never treat a beardie wrongly by laying a hand on him, he will not understand it and will hurt your dog more than it helps him growing into a well trained dog.

Beardies are energetic and tireless, they therefore need a lot of physical and mental excercise. There are special doggames available, like puzzles, which is perfect for their mental excercise!

The beardie does need a lot of grooming. At least once a week they need a complete brush which will sometimes give you a few hours of work! Their beautiful long coat does bring problems into your house. They moult and bring all kinds of dirt into your home. If you are really attached to a constant clean and hairfree house, then, a Beardie Collie is definitely the wrong breed for you!

Do not get tempted to have your beardie clipped short, this is not natural and the hair's structure will change that much that the maintenance of the coat will be a lot more difficult. The hair will get thicker and softer and the tangles will be more difficult to remove from the coat.

A beardie will remain very active and playfull and will want to do fun things with his owner during his entire life. Buying a beardie will give you the certainty of a friend for his or her life!!

Breed Standard


The skull is broad and flat, the distance from the end of the nose to stop should be the same as the distance from the stop to the occiput. They need have a complete and scissor bite. The ears are middle-sized. The eyecolor needs to match the color of the coat.


The Bearded Collie is a lean dog, longer in body than in height, ratio 5:4. Despite it's firm build, the beardie must not show a lot of weight. The height at whitters of a male beardie lies between the 53 and 56cm, and between 50 and 53 cm of a female beardie. The feet are ovally shaped, the tailsetting is low.

The beardie has a dubble coat: a thick, soft and woolly undercoat and a straight and harsh uppercoat. Allthough a wavy coat is allowed, a curly coat is absolutely not. The coat is long but may not completely cover the natural silhouette of the Bearded Collie.

The Bearded Collie can have 4 different colors: black, brown, blue and fawn. And a tri-color beardie exists aswell. Most beardies have white markings, but too much white is not desirable.

The most important feature of the Bearded Collie is offcourse the beard itself of which the beardie owes it's name.




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